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Shock Absorbers causing NCT failure in Galway

S hock absorbers are often the reason give for NCT Failure in Galway, Ireland. How well your shocks are working can be difficult to determine for the untrained eye. The Shock Absorbers do have an important role in your car’s suspension system. Not replacing them can impact the comfort of the drive, the safety of the vehicle and the wear and tear on your tyres.

The shock absorber  damps or cushions the compression and extension of the cars suspension springs to prevent
ongoing bouncing as you drive over the roads around Galway, Clare and Mayo.

The shocks work to reduce road impact, eliminate too much rebound, allow little sway, and give you better overall road handling. When your cars’ shocks are performing properly your car will hold the road when you are braking, managing a turn in the road, travelling on bumpy roads or even when driving in strong side winds. When your shocks are worn out, they can contribute to loss of  control of your car, increasing the risk of an accident for you.

Car Parts Warehouse, based on the Liosban Business Park in Galway supply a wide range of shocks for all vehicle makes and models and from a number of different manufacturers

The best-known name in the business is Monroe. Founded in 1916 when cars still rode on carriage springs, Monroe invented the first shock absorber and the company has been innovating ever since.

We recommend that shocks are replaced every 50,000 miles or sooner depending on the roads that you drive on.

With the strictness of NCT, they often give Shock Absorbers as the reason for failure, even though there may be no visible signs. One way to check whether your car needs its shocks replaced is to do this test.

  1. Catch hold of the corner of your car’s bumper.
  2. Push down on it as hard as you can and let go
  3. Watch for this: the bumper should have dropped down, came back up and dropped down again once. If it continually goes up and down, then that particular shock is no longer working properly. Repeat the test on the remaining three wheels of your vehicle.

Another telltale sign of wear can be seen through leakage  and by keeping an eye on tyre wear patterns.

If your NCT Report fails you on your shock absorbers, call into Car Parts Warehouse in Galway or call us on 091 76 77 99 and we will help get you back on the road.

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