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Why it’s worth to change filters

I t may be worth replacing your oil filter, your fuel filter and your air filter before you take the test. They are not expensive parts and may save you a good deal of hassle. Here’s a brief explanation of why these components are important:

Fuel Filter

Your fuel filter is a key component in your car. It filters out dirt particles and other unwanted substances from your petrol or diesel, easing the flow of fuel your engine. If your fuel filter gets blocked or clogged, impurities in the fuel would find their way into the engine and potentially block the fuel pump and injectors. This will impact your cars performance and it is one of the main reasons for vehicle breakdown.

Here’s how you can tell your fuel filter needs changing:

  • Engine not starting immediately from ignition
  • Engine starting only after repeated attempts – could be partially blocked
  • Car will not accelerate when required
  • Car losing power while driving uphill
  • Car stops suddenly
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Strange Odours from emissions

Oil Filter

The Oil Filter in your car performs a very important role. Your engine requires oil for lubrication of parts. Without this lubrication your engine and component parts would tend to overheat. As the oil passes through your engine, it tends to pick up impurities, dirt and debris from the engine. If the oil filter does its job correctly, it will collect all these impurities and prevent them from returning to the engine, causing damage and excessive wear and tear.

So it is normal to expect to replace your oil filter at very regular intervals. In fact, this inexpensive car part replacement, if replaced frequently can save you hundreds of euro in expensive repairs.
Your car manual will advise of the frequency that you should change your oil filter. The quality of oil you use will affect the frequency of change.

The best option is to change your oil filter every time you change your oil. Your garage will perform this for you as part of a standard service

Air Filter

Air Filters in your car perform 2 functions – They clean the air that you breathe in the car and they also clean their air intake into the engine of your car. Both important.

The air filter catches any dirt particles. These particles can cause damage to engine walls, pistons and cylinders. By changing them regularly, you can have a big impact on the life of your engine. Again, change them every time you service your vehicle for optimum performance.

Replacing Air Filters delivers an improvement in fuel efficiency and reduces your running costs.
The air that you breathe in the car is often filtered using nanotechnology-based filters. These charcoal based layers have the capacity to remove odours

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